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Hell's Frozen Swing
Every night it's this
What it could be
What made it happen
False hope drowned
Last breath
Me or him
End one pain
Don't make me do it
Simple mistake
Long punishment
After heartbreak
By the time it goes numb
No one matters more
But no one looks worse
Or more perfect
To be cold in hell
Surrounded by the fires
Would lightly compare
It's all pointless
On the final day
Victim to hell's frost
And accepting of fate's swing
We're all doomed
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Rinse Repeat Repeat
The same outcome
Play it over
One slip up
Open the door
See two dots
Glow so bright
Welcome and warm
No need to fight
Dots on monster
Blue when close
Fangs and teeth
All hurt shows
Lovely embrace
Soft and nice
Claws point out
Can never price
Many wounds
Fear other side
Suits and guns
Empty eyes wide
Banging on door
Blue leaking more
Give what comfort can
Hug tighter than before
Know what's next
Light and suits
Pointed at dots
Look deeper in blue
Pain will end
World not your's
Tiny crack
Bleeding on floor
Crack wider
Flipped and open
It couldn't be
Suits won again
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Mature content
Sweet Shade :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Little Quack :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
It's a Chair
The spinning sign blurred to grey
Couldn't accept the pieces they held
Forget all that made me whole
Blind to the spin
Raining in the attic
Nowhere sounds better
Constant questions of why
Never wanting an answer
Zone out around the bliss
Just a corpse waiting to rot
Double sight missed
Can't be easier outside
Believe it won't get better
Wish there was something
Numbed to everything
Lashing all the glimmer
Next step in wrong direction
Down deep in the waves
Sky and sea endless in beauty
One may be the end someday
Pretty little princess
Ring and gown shine
Never seeing the small
Ignoring the voice
Tall handsome prince
Given a steed and sword
Won't think of the end
Sooner better than later
Dirty scavengers
Hungry and dry
Living in the cold
Craving the sky
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Drown with Shadows
There is no fight
She cries to anyone
Listen well the sound
Nothing needed to make sense
It ended in the dark
Echoes loud as thunder
What could it be now
Less dust in the wind
Bleeding for a loss
When will it close
Rocky river ran smooth
Barrel for a boat
Illusion of better
Ceiling on fire
Last left lost
So far down
Believed it was infinite
Lasted in the dream
Guiding to the sun
Then we can scream
Can't turn around
Flow goes forward
The dream lives forever
Sitting by the nightmare
All of these things hidden
What light would shine
Not a game to you
Nothing is mine
Swimming in a swirl
Forget the fading glow
Meld into the moment
Give up to the snow
Pitched into black
The deepest nook
Smile during the trip
Falling back into the pit
Can I be that one?
She listens to the music.
The dance is around an empty image.
No one deserves the spot.
One last breath
Leave it to earth
Drive to its birth
The void in their heart
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Dusty Gate
Wishing it never happened
Burning into the filter
Suffocating under tears
and ending no better
The joy in that time
Stupid and faded
Filled with fractures
But nothing could be better
First memories
Jive hands in a sandbox
Pretend scoop worker
Happy as could be
Finding eggs in bushes
Cheated out of success
Little red money bank
and nothing else
So many flaws
and nothing would be better.
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Dried up Whirlpool
If it happened the way we wanted it still wouldn't be better.
So the pain lingers and makes us stronger.
Flow with the spiral or get out, no happy ending options.
It would be great to love, live, and help others.
Not many would do it for anyone.
Let it out, control the gates.
It will all be okay.
What is, will be, or has been never changes.
The box will expand, but when isn't necessary to know.
That hole has nice things in it,
not like the trees.
Gifted, blessed, imbued,
full of greatness without being taken.
It joins us in the endless loops.
We are one, individually unique.
Rotting away to the end, when we make the final bang.
All these trophies and achievements will be surpasses.
Good will become great as bad will become worse.
Nothing will change.
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Keep Your Farts
If I would, I'd put all the words I want to.
But I am secluded.
Exchanges are limited.
For the most, I like people.
But I'm afraid.
Shit is crazy!
But we all are.
For a long time,
I can remember many dreams.
Differing dreams.
Selfish origins and ridiculous desires.
Empty and infinite blissful nights.
Always ends up the same.
Real with a taste of possibility.
No matter how many nights I have thinking about the ones I want to enjoy the limited time have with, it all ends up drowning in the shit I wish for.
I wish for my worse half's improvement.
I wish for my inspiration's reward!
I wish for my emptiness' fulfillment.
Wish for so much more and end up in a pool.
No one will pull you out but yourself, but do you really want to?
When you get back to the surface,
Will it be anything like the dream?
Sometimes that shadow invites the alternate solution.
Good, bad, who cares.
Being lost is so much more fun.
In the end, what's real is.
Enjoy the moment while it lasts.
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Mature content
Tempting as it May be :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Sweet Little River :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Demon Cells 6 :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Demon Cells 3 :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Nosey fool... :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 2
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Demon Cells 5 :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0
Mature content
Demon Cells 4 :iconeddygrunge:EddyGrunge 0 0


Spaghetti Jones
United States
Eye on the TV
'cause tragedy thrills me
Whatever flavour
It happens to be like;
Killed by the husband
Drowned by the ocean
Shot by his own son
She used the poison in his tea
And kissed him goodbye
That's my kind of story
It's no fun 'til someone dies
Don't look at me like
I am a monster
Frown out your one face
But with the other
Stare like a junkie
Into the TV
Stare like a zombie
While the mother
Holds her child
Watches him die
Hands to the sky crying
Why, oh why?
'cause I need to watch things die
From a distance
Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
You all need it too, don't lie
Why can't we just admit it?
Why can't we just admit it?
We won't give pause until the blood is flowing
Neither the brave nor bold
The writers of stories sold
We won't give pause until the blood is flowing
I need to watch things die
From a good safe distance
Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
You all feel the same so
Why can't we just admit it?
Blood like rain come down
Drawn on grave and ground
Part vampire
Part warrior
Carnivore and voyeur
Stare at the transmittal
Sing to the death rattle
La, la, la, la, la, la, la-lie
Credulous at best, your desire to believe in angels in the hearts of men.
Pull your head on out your hippy haze and give a listen.
Shouldn't have to say it all again.
The universe is hostile. so Impersonal. devour to survive.
So it is. So it's always been.
We all feed on tragedy
It's like blood to a vampire
Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
Much better you than I

TOOL- Vicarious


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